Sunday, September 9, 2007

Spirit in the Sky

"Too Loud is coming"


Somehow, for Emmi, the Warner Bros logo has become an evil spirit called "Too Loud". Our theory is that, one time when we put a video on, the volume must have been "too loud" and we must have said that at the exact moment the logo appeared.

Now, she can't sleep in her own bed anymore because "Too Loud" comes after her in her dreams. "Too Loud" lives in the sky (as you can clearly see from the logo) but comes down to earth from time to time to cause havoc.

We have started a gentle campaign to discredit "Too Loud". No success so far.

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Martin Bishop said...

And a story from my own childhood with a similar odd set of associations:

We used to have a substitute teacher come in from time to time and I was very worried about him.

I sat in the front row of class and I could smell something on him that I had only previosly smelled when I visited our kindly doctor. So, I assumed he must be sick all the time.

Years later I realized that actually they both stunk of alcohol.